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Should You Hire a Tax Advisor to Prepare for Your Audit?

            When running a business, it is advisable to resort to the accounting services of an experienced accountant who can increase profit for a small business by: dealing with shifting legislation, managing the payroll and using accountant software. Therefore, it is very important to hire professionals with verifiable work experience and certified training in order […]

How a Tax CPA Can Help with Less Common Deductions

            Trading and business expenses have to be reported on tax returns with the help of a tax CPA or with guidance received from a certified financial expert. Moreover, these professionals can also help with less common deductions by using the features of quickBooks. In such cases, if a tax CPA does not use a […]

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Preparing Your Taxes

            In dealing with complex legislation, business owners often make the mistake of not partnering with a tax accountant, or not resorting to the accounting services of a professional. In some cases, business owners make the mistake of not hiring a tax accountant from the beginning and, later on, realize the pressure they put upon […]

Is a Tax Preparer the Same as a Tax Accountant?

               A tax accountant is a certified public accountant, and a licensed professional that offers a wide array of financial services, whereas a tax preparer is a non-licensed professional that only specializes in tax preparation. Most tax preparers are trained in basic tax preparation and have to take a formal exam to attain IRS employment. […]

Three Questions to Ask Your Tax CPA before Tax Season Starts

            A tax CPA is a financial professional that files taxes for their clients. This type of financial advisor/expert also comes up with strategies on how to improve profit within the context of tax laws. Moreover, a tax CPA handles financial planning and compliance with tax codes, while also creating financial strategies based on their […]

Things You Need to Know before Hiring a Crypto Tax Specialist

            Before hiring a crypto tax accountant Highlands Ranch specialist, you need to know that the IRS treats cryptocurrency as a virtual currency, but also as property and capital gain that can be used in exchanges. Many businesses use Bitcoin or other types of cryptocurrencies and there are also cryptocurrency debit cards used by business […]

Do You Need a Tax Accountant to Plan for Retiring in Colorado?

Retiring in Colorado is a goal for many Americans. With its scenic beauty, great weather, and countless outdoor activities, it’s easy to see why. However, tax planning for retirement can be a complex process, especially in Colorado, where taxes can vary significantly based on factors such as income, investments, and property ownership. As a result, […]

Things You Should Know About the Emergency Savings Buffer

Although saving money is hard sometimes, everyone from your tax preparer to your bank will advise you to have at least a minimal emergency savings buffer. That means putting aside some money that you can use in case of an emergency, without having to resort to high interest personal loans or credit cards. That way, […]