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Helpful Tax Strategies for Individuals and Businesses in Highlands Ranch

There are many helpful tax strategies both for individuals, and for businesses in Highlands Ranch. For instance, you can contribute the maximum amount allowed to your retirement accounts. And because such contributions are often tax deductible, your taxable income can be reduced. Another good idea is to research and claim applicable tax credits, such as […]

Maximizing Tax Savings in Colorado – Insights from a Highlands Ranch Tax Accountant

In case you are from Colorado and you want to maximize your tax savings, you can certainly profit from the good advice and insights of an experienced tax CPA Highlands Ranch area professional. For instance, deductions reduce your taxable income, so you need to make sure you claim all applicable deductions. Common deductions include mortgage […]

Is QuickBooks Accounting Still Relevant in This Day and Age?

The accounting software QuickBooks has been a major player in small and medium business accounting and bookkeeping since its launch in the early 90s. But with the rise of new and improved financial and accounting technology, the question of whether QuickBooks is still relevant today has gained steam. The rise of cloud-based accounting platforms has […]