Advanced Technology and Bookkeeping – What Should You Look for when hiring a CPA?

Matthew P Schlanger, CPA

When in need of advanced technology and bookkeeping, hiring a Highlands Ranch CPA can be the perfect idea. And in order to make sure they are legitimate, you should not hesitate to do a background check. Moreover, you should make sure they can offer a PTIN, or a preparer tax identification number. In order to be able to submit a tax return with the IRS, a PTIN is required.

At the same time, you should know who is going to actually sign your tax return. It is essential to know beforehand who will prepare your papers; otherwise you should look for your CPA somewhere else. It is very good to know whether the CPA firm has a license for practicing public accounting in your specific region or state.

Another good question to ask your CPA is regarding the exact type of customers they usually work with. The answer should not be too vague, and thus you can find out if their exact specialty suits your needs. Another important detail to discuss before hiring your CPA professionals concerns the way they determine their rates.

In case you prefer remote CPAs with less paperwork to deal with, you may want to hire a cloud-based firm.

If you are looking for a Highlands Ranch CPA with reliable strategies and values you can trust, contact Matthew P Schlanger, CPA.

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