Are Good Tax CPAs Hard to Come by?

Matthew P Schlanger, CPA

Good tax specialists and preparers are definitely not easy to come by. Experience teaches us that it’s best to be mindful about the decision to hire any particular CPA, and experts will also point out that these measures and approaches should be considered before any others:

  • Aim to hire a local tax professional. Local experts like Matthew P Schlanger, CPA,, are better at helping you deal with the tax-related issues you might encounter, especially if you just started running a local business and you don’t really know how to prepare your taxes or deal with unique issues that you never encountered in the past.
  • Ask for advice from multiple CPAs and tax experts; better yet, consider hiring an expert that deals precisely with the types of issues you are more likely to encounter. If you plan on investing in crypto, hire a crypto tax specialist, not just a regular tax CPA.
  • Don’t make your decision lightly. A tax CPA is someone you need to be able to trust, and there are plenty of so-called experts out there whose only talent is to promote themselves as loudly as possible. If you want the best quality advice and support, aim for a qualified and experienced Colorado CPA who knows exactly how to help you out.

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