It’s hard sometimes to fully understand how much your current credit score can actually impact your ability to buy a house. Depending on certain variables, your financial history in and of itself can still have a very strong impact on what you can buy and how much you spend on it, even for years to come.

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Credit scores are part of the set of variables and numbers that mortgage companies and banks use to determine the eligibility of people who want to purchase new properties. A business finance or tax accountant near me can tell you that investing in a large commercial property usually has to be backed up a lot better than a home mortgage. However, even if you just plan to buy a small, on-bedroom apartment in a less expensive part of town, you might still need to deal with banks raising your interest rates because of your credit score.

Typically, bad credit might mean that some banks and offers become off-limits. However, if you try to go to another bank, they might grant your mortgage. Of course, it’s always a good idea to look at all the details, since a bad credit score means not only a larger interest rate and higher payments over time, but also less trust, more questions, heftier fees and a larger down payment.