How to Talk to a Tax Preparer before Hiring Them

Hiring an experienced tax preparer is extremely important both for individuals and for business owners. You need to be confident that you secured the services of a skilled and licensed professional.

Here are the most important questions you must ask before you decide to hire a qualified small business tax accountant Highlands Ranch professional:

small business tax accountant Highlands Ranch

1. What Is Your PTIN?

Any professional who prepares federal tax returns for compensation must have a valid 2014 Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). If they do not have this number, they are not allowed to prepare this type of tax. This is the first thing you must know about the tax preparer before you discuss any other aspects.

2. Have You Prepared Tax Returns for (Fill in Your Specific Situation)?

Just like doctors and lawyers, tax preparers tend to specialize in a certain field. It does not matter that they could not handle your type of tax return. But it is always better to hire a professional who has extensive experience and will prepare your return faster and with less chances of error.

3. Are You Experienced in My Local and State Tax Requirements?

While federal tax returns have standard requirements for every taxpayer, things get complicated at state and city level. Each administrative unit has its own filing rules, especially for businesses. Things get even more complex if you’ve moved your family and business from another state during the tax year. So make sure that your tax preparer can handle all these aspects.

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