Is a Tax Preparer the Same as a Tax Accountant?

               A tax accountant is a certified public accountant, and a licensed professional that offers a wide array of financial services, whereas a tax preparer is a non-licensed professional that only specializes in tax preparation. Most tax preparers are trained in basic tax preparation and have to take a formal exam to attain IRS employment. However, a tax accountant benefits from continuous and advanced education. They provide accounting services to the public as a financial expert that deals with finances based on their in-depth knowledge of local and national laws and regulations. Nevertheless, some tax preparers can also undertake complex tax returns.

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            Tax accountants offering exceptional CFO services in Highlands Ranch handle bookkeeping and financial documents as well as sensitive data/information regarding loss statements and balance sheets. They can also audit your books and prepare tax reports. Conversely, a tax preparer can only detect possible errors within your tax reports. Some may also calculate tax payments and complete tax documentation by estimating expenses, tax returns and liabilities. However, a good tax preparer may even be able to collect data from expense documents and help you prepare monthly tax reports.

            All in all, the main difference between a tax accountant and a tax preparer is the level of education and the set of skills that they have achieved through training.

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