The accounting software QuickBooks has been a major player in small and medium business accounting and bookkeeping since its launch in the early 90s. But with the rise of new and improved financial and accounting technology, the question of whether QuickBooks is still relevant today has gained steam.

The rise of cloud-based accounting platforms has offered a new wave of features and accessibility not available to the standard QuickBooks user. Cloud-based systems tout easier access to real-time financial data, greater flexibility for users, better collaboration among stakeholders and improved fraud protection.

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But the truth is, QuickBooks is just as valid and useful today as it has ever been. The reason? Simplicity and ubiquity. QuickBooks has managed to stay up-to-date with offering features like mobile billing and enablement, online payments, customizable analytics tools and more. It means that it is easy to learn, operating on a familiar platform.

And because it is so easy to use, a leading tax specialist in Highlands Ranch affirms that accountants and business owners know how to use it and can leverage its many integration possibilities, with features like online banking and payroll integration that support their financial management goals.

We can say that QuickBooks is the one constant in this age of financial excellence – the reliable, pragmatic go-to for a successful financial future.