Welcome to Matthew P. Schlanger CPA

For your business, you care about and the personal tax services you need, Matthew P. Schlanger is an accountant who cares about your success.

Whether you seek a CPA near you for your growing company, organizing your finances, or for the family business, you should expect more from an accounting firm than basic bookkeeping and tax preparation.

You need a partner who can assist with strategic decision-making.

More than a CPA accountant

My title may be accountant, but I do more than simply ensure your books and tax returns are in order. It is my goal to be:

● Your trusted advisor to through the ins and outs of business and personal finances

● A reliable coach who provides growth strategies

● A seasoned guide to assist you in long terms plans, even retirement

Are you ready to take the next step to profitable growth and accomplishing your financial goals?

Let’s talk. I can’t wait to see what you can do with the help of a personal and small business accounting firm.



Small business and personal accounting

My name is Matthew P. Schlanger. Growing your business, and supporting your personal finances, are what I do best.

Clients value my personal and small business accounting services. Plus, my role as an advisor on how to improve your business or personal tax situation is what sets me apart from other accountants.

If you seek a Highlands Ranch CPA with reliable strategies and values you can trust, let’s connect. I would love to learn more about how I can help simplify your accounting so you can focus on what you do best, at work and at home.


CPA Services

Do you need professional accounting services?

If your goal is to grow or improve your business and/or personal tax situation, then you should have a reliable bookkeeping accountant on hand.

Having a professional tax CPA will always save you money and time for monthly accounting and tax returns. Furthermore, I help provide you with peace of mind.

Are you looking for tax preparation services? You can be confident your taxes are prepared accurately and that you will receive the best tax outcome possible.

If you need a QuickBooks accountant or payroll accountant, look at my specialized services for QuickBooks and payroll accounting.