As the tax season approaches, everyone is looking for expert assistance to prepare their tax return. No one wants to make mistakes and get in trouble with the IRS – so it is natural that you want a skilled Highlands Ranch tax accountant.

Matthew P Schlanger, CPA

Here is how to select a reliable professional to help you with taxes:

1. Ability to Explain Technical Terms

You don’t want to sign your tax return without understanding clearly what is written in there. After all, if there is an error, you are liable for it. A good tax accountant – find one here – will take the time to explain technical terms and each element included in your tax return. You will be able to file the document with peace of mind, as it contains everything it should.

2. Attention to Detail

Many people are eligible for various deductions. Others include ineligible deductions by mistake. A reliable Highlands Ranch tax accountant will help you include the right deductions and exclude the ones that may lead to a tax audit by the IRS.

3. Ability to Understand New Concepts

Many people invest in new types of financial instruments – including cryptocurrency. An experienced tax accountant will be able to assess how much tax you should pay for your crypto holdings and how to declare them properly.