The Lesser-Known Skills of a Payroll Accountant

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Attention to detail, dependability, discretion and the ability to work with numbers all the time are probably the skills that come to mind when thinking about the skills needed for a successful career as a payroll accountant. However, a payroll accountant needs a lot more than that to be able to do their jobs efficiently – here are some more indispensable, though lesser-known skills:

  • Administrative skills – a good payroll accountant knows how to prioritize their daily tasks in order to achieve maximum efficiency and to make sure that no important deadline is ever missed.
  • The ability to assimilate vast quantities of new information – the rules that inform payroll accounting change all the time and a good payroll services Highlands Ranch professional, like Matthew P. Schlanger, CPA ( is always up to date with legislative and procedural changes.
  • Problem solving – payroll accountants are likely to be faced with daily challenges that require adequate action. A good payroll accountant is always able to address those situations in a calm and considered manner, evaluating possible solutions and picking the best way to proceed.
  • Communication skills – the job of a payroll accountant involves communication with the other departments in the organizations, so a good relationship with the other teams is essential.

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