What Can a CPA Do for Me?

CPA is a designation given to certified public accountants. They have a license provided by their state`s Accounting Board. The American Institute of Licensed Public Accountants offers the necessary resources to obtain this license. The designation of the CPA helps to apply professional standards.

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CPAs hold different positions in corporate and public accounting, as well as executive positions such as CFOs.

Although they are mostly associated with income tax preparation, an accountant near me with reliable strategies and values you can trust, confirms that CPAs can also specialize in different other areas such as accounting, managerial accounting, forensic accounting, auditing or information technology.

If you wonder what can a CPA do for you that an accountant cannot do, you should know that an accountant is responsible for the accounting work of a natural person or a business firm. It is the responsibility of the accountant to issue financial reports. Accountants do not have to be certified professionals.

An accountant cannot do everything that a CPA can do, but a CPA is perfectly able to do all the work of an accountant and more: they can have a higher position in financial and business circles. CPAs can provide the best advice on the financial aspects of a company, as they are more trustworthy than simple accountants when it comes to business financial matters. Even if the opinions of an accountant can be considered, the last word always comes from a certified public accountant.

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