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CFO Services

Your company may be growing, and your business’s accounting and financial functions might be getting away from you. Those aspects of your business might seem like they are moving along “good enough.” The reality is that as your company grows, unless you have a good accounting and finance function in place with good controls, you are leaving money on the table. 

If you’re continuing to invest in your business, do you know your ROI? When you spend money on advertising, how do you know it makes financial sense? The phone might be ringing more, but are they the right potential customers? 

Questions like this or others like taking on debt, hiring new roles for your company, or expanding your business further cannot be answered without a proper accounting and finance function. Unless you have the expertise, an outsourced CFO can be a great way for you to bring on the experience your business badly needs.

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Matthew P. Schlanger CPA is a qualified professional who has the tools to manage your payroll needs effectively. The good news is - hiring Matthew P. Schlanger costs you less than hiring a new accountant, allowing you to allocate that money into growing your company and satisfying your clients.

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